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New Bar feeds, Tooling and Accessories

When you need tooling and accessories for your machines that are not available on the secondary market, we can STILL help!

Automatics & Machinery offers new tooling and accessories for your pre-owned and existing machines.

Some of the new items we offer include:

Bar Feeds Featuring New & Used Bar feeders and Bar Loaders including: LNS, Edge, FMB, Iemca, Lexair, Spego and Gravity Bar Feeds
Mist Collectors Featuring New and Used Mist Collectors including: Mist Buster, LNS, Tri-Mist, Royal, Donaldson and Smog-Hog
High Pressure Coolant Systems Featuring New & Used HPC Systems including: Cool Blaster, Chip Blaster, MP Systems, Cool Jet, LNS and CMA
Chip Conveyors Featuring New and Used Chip Conveyors including: Turbo Systems, Mayfran, Jorgenson, PRAB, Henning and DMARK
Chip Processing Including New & Used Chip Wringers, Pucking machines, Barret, Tolhurst, ChipPac (Sanborn Technologies), Bear , Puckmaster, LNS
Swiss Lathe Tooling New & Used Swiss Lathe Tooling and products from companies including: Genevieve, Royal, Kennemetal, OEMs, Utilis, Rego Fix, Applitec, NSK, Southwick & Meister, Hardinge
Part Conveyor / Part Handling Including New & Used Part Conveyors, part tables from companies including: OEMs, Mini Mover, CMA and Royal
Tooling, Tool Holding and Accessories for Lathes and Mills Including Collet Chucks, Jaw Chucks, Work Holding Systems, Spindle Liners From companies including: Royal Products, Lexair, RF Berns, and Hardinge
Other Rotary Tables, Chamfering Machines, Tool Grinders, Part Washers

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